healthy nights, better life

woman sleeping

 The secret of a good sleeping

The nature of sleep has always fascinated mankind. You may be unaware while you sleep, but the results are obvious.

Sleep helps your body to recover, and affects our health, both physically and mentally. 

Waking up to a new era

Beautiful mornings are born out of wonderful sleep. And wonderful sleep – well, it comes from carefully selected natural materials, genuine craftsmanship and years of bedmaking experience. The Amstel Bed is all of that, and more. It’s a work of art. And the art? It’s called sleeping.


Inspired by people, built from the heart.

We’re proud to present our Amstel Bed. Hand-made out of high quality, carefully selected and durable materials. You will have an incredible night’s sleep. And what’s more, the Amstel Bed is beautiful to look at. 



A magnificent feeling

The Amstel bed is proudly made by hand and finished with an Oeko-Tex® certified fabric ticking. Inside our Amstel bed we use our patent pending Dutch designed pockets spring system. This bed technology, combined with Oeko-Tex® materials, gives you a truly flexible, pressure relieving bed. Night, after night, after night.

The Amstel Bed is much more than just a bed. It is versatile, like nothing else in your home, with its range of features for sleeping comfort, rest, and relaxation.