Amstel Bed

woman sleepingHealthy Nights, better Life


The art of sleeping

We want to make the world a better place by making it possible and accessible for people, you, to sleep in one of the best beds in the world for the rest of your life. 

Sleeping is not difficult. You only need to be sufficiently tired. Sleeping well, and healthy, is more of an art. Especially if you want to feel refreshed throughout the entire day.  

Sleeping is Healthy

Sleep is essential for your health. A healthy sleep improves your concentration and makes you more energetic. After a good night of sleep, you immediately will notice that during your daily work and your family life.

The choice of a good bed is vital to support your healthy life; we will try  to help you making the right bed-system decision. 


We will support you with over 25 years of bed making experience, in mattresses and box springs development in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Those European countries are traditionally known for their comfortable mattresses and box springs. It all starts with the best components, such as durable pocket springs, high-quality latex, breathable comfort foam and Oeko-Tex® -DesleeClama® ticking.

air ventilation

It will be these high quality components giving you the best possible support during your night of sleep, over-and-over again, year-after-year.  Besides the function of support, we would never under estimate the need for natural ventilation inside the bedding system.  In our design we created an open structure, from the topper all the way down to the bottom of the box spring base. This will ensure your bedding system will stay dry and healthy. 

We understand that the quality of sleeping is the most important function of every bedding system, but we will not undermine the importance of the look and feel of our design too. For this reason we designed full furnished box spring on stylish designer legs, with matching mattresses and headboards, in sharp and crisp lines.  


The Amstel Bed is hand-made to perfection in our own controlled production facility in Asia, where every single piece of the Amstel Bed is checked and passed the highest quality standards. 


Test it yourself

We can try to make the best sales pitch in the world to convince our customers to buy our Amstel Bed, but honestly we prefer our customers to experience our Amstel Bed themselves. Please note that our authorised Amstel Bed dealers are more than happy to demonstrate you our Amstel Bed and give you the opportunity to test it yourself. Experience the sleeping comfort of our mattresses and box spring system and feel the difference in our different firmness levels. In addition, our knowledgeable dealers will try to answer all your sleeping related questions to help you improving your night rest. 

Making the world a better place

This mission might sound way too ambitious for a small company like ours, but every little improvement will count. This has been our motivation to develop the Amstel Bed. We are convinced that healthy nights will lead to a better life for all of us!